I'm writting this while halfway through a site overhaul. It's been going pretty well all considered. (=u=)b

I'm very seriously considering removing the Guestbook page. It's under-utilized and I've already had a few issues with the guestbook service. All my neocities neighbours communicate via the social media feed anyways. All of the messages i've received are saved to my email so there is no loss there (if anything my email archive is more complete than whats on the guestbook page *sigh* ('=A=)) I'll probably decide to pull it in the next update.

I have the ff6 review lined up but im weirdly self-conscious about that one idk why. Prolly bc i've been improving and people have clearly noticed. I'm nervous about putting out reviews that dont meet that bar ive inadvertently set for myself. Add that to the pile of things to work on lol

I'm very excited for March. I only have to be at work for one week but i got pto to cover all of it lmao I wanna try and do some of the touristy stuff around the city. Maybe go to the zoo w some friends or see a stage play or something.

Lmao ff7 rebirth just came out today but i'm trying to do my best to hold off for a month or two bc i really don't wanna get swept up in the hype. My co-worker and I have talked a bit about a few predictions/worries we have about the remake series. We both agree that the fact that Zack is alive will mess up Cloud's character arc. Literally the whole of Cloud's character arc kinda hinges on this. Imo all the highlights of the ff7 remake is all the stuff that didn't get changed. The original plot was such a banger its better left alone. The remake added a few good details, but the bigger plot changes would undermine a lot of what made the original so good. Keeping the potential changes in mind, i genuinely don;t see many ways for the ff7 remake series to turn out, uh... good.

We might see the remakes go the way of Advent Children. That movie had some nice moments but at the cost of completely undoing a lot of character development. Painful movie

Hold on a second i just realized... Did I not write a ff7 remake review???? AAAAHAAAAHAHAHAAH WHOOPS LMAO

to be fair i also did not write a totk review either lol

Finally updated my Links page to include buttons of neighbours. dslijlskjaslkas Took me long enough. I saw a few pages link my page (truely, im honoured!!) and it felt rude not to return the gesture. Several cool sites are active and I hope you all take some time browsing through these incredible passion projects.

So i looked up Neocities' ToS and there's nothing explicitly banning adult or nsfw material. I wonder if anyone would be interested in reading reviews of nsfw games ¯\_(σ ‸ σ)_/¯

Obviously i wont post any explicit material (i dont want to undermine the livelyhoods of these developers by uploading content that is normally paid for) and i'd have to build webpages for disclaimers and warnings. (Gosh this website is due for a serious orgonizational overhaul. (=A='))

I dunno, I just think its a shame there's an entire genre that isnt taken as seriously just because it contains after dark material. In reality there are some really interesting and fun stuff worth talking about.

Aaaanyways. I made another javascript toy. i've only successfully untilized what is effectively a find and replace tool i struggle to wrap my head around anything more complicated Its there. Try it out. d( ̄◇ ̄)b


I wanna do so many things but I've decided to shelf a lot of those ideas. I barely got "8" ball to work and I do not have the consitution to make anything more complicated than that right now.

I keep intimidating myself out of doing the things i like because brain dumb. Even things i've done before feel daunting. (i mean, look, ive never made any more emotes beyond the original three i made in like a day.)

I dunno. I'm not very good at being patient with myself. This is the most ive ever stuck to a personal project/hobby and im not used to that.

I made a Magic "8" Ball toy! Please have a look at it.

It's my first foray into javascript. Although, I think I spent more time reworking the css for that one page than actually learning and using js lmao. The graphic for the "8" ball i made myself in a rush using a mouse. I have no idea when or if I'll update it to make it look pretty. (The shittiness is kinda funny imo)

Man, my blog page is getting unweildy. I should at least impliment the collapsible function that exists on every other page. (-n-')

I've been working on the ffxvi review and it's making itself out to be another beast of a review. If i can get it to be a fraction of what i'm hoping for, I'll be happy. (" ̄A ̄)

I've been rereading my reviews again and I've noticed my Zelda reviews are uhm, not as fun to read? The Zelda reviews tend to be some of my earlier stuff. Some of those reviews i popped out in under a minute. (I was shooketh on how little i wrote about Minish Cap.) I think I am getting better at writing the kind of reviews that i'd have fun going back to read. (This is probably why my more recent stuff about final fantasy games is so much for me to read. It helps that ff games suck a little bit. Its more fun to examine games when they fail.)

That being said, I strongly doubt I'd go back to rewrite or amend any old reviews. I've got too much new stuff I'd rather do than go back and fiddle with old reviews.

Speaking of new stuff, I've gotten back into anime! I'm a few episodes into Kakegurui and it's such a riot. There's something uniquely fun watching the biggest freaks get horny gambling away 30 million yen. This show is personally funny to me anytime i compare the show to the Yu-Gi-Oh Zero series. The more time passes the less people remember that Yu-Gi-Oh started as a gambling show where the loser straight up died lmao

I've been trying to get back into ffxii. The gameplay is that nice kind of mindless that makes it perfect for listening to podcasts, the problem is I still want to pay attention to the important cutscenes when they happen. At least I don't have to worry too much about re-learning the game. Past Zach set up the auto-battles to handle it all. Thanks, me. 😎