★ Links ★


W3Schools Online tutorial for coding and how I learned the most HTML and CSS stuff. Really nice that the lessons are essencially divided by function. This makes it easier to skip around and look for specific tools and functions without needing to slog through a lengthy comp-sci lecture.
Mozilla Another coding resource.
Sublime Text Text editing tool I used to code this site. It's a free software with a bunch of customizable features. You don't need to pay for a subscription ever to keep using this tool. Every once in a while a prompt will ask you to buy a subscription that you can dismiss.
The Spriters Resource Sprites and tile resoucres from a variaty of games. I'd lilke to especially thank users: Ultimecia, Mister Mike, Crasher TN, Nemau, BlueMario, Jack the Ripper, Glutko, and Oscar92player.
Paint Tool SAI Cracked version of Sai.
Krita Free digital art tool. This one can render gifs. If you find you can't render gifs with an unspecified error, try saving the render to desktop instead. Windows is prolly denying access behind the scenes and saving to desktop might actually give you a prompt to give Krita the permissions it needs t work.
Buttons Fat button collection archive.
Buttons Button collection archive.
Cool Text Font generator and free .ttf files to download.
Neon dividers Queer themed neon dividers.

Other Stuff

Old placeholder images from the Reviews page.
I just think these are too funny not to keep around.
Vimm's Lair Emulators and ROMs. :)