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I'm still writting reviews. I promise.

I got sucked into ffxv. I've put in 90 hrs into that game and the review I have written so far is abt 3700 words just for this game uhgghlifdh

Expect it in the next few days.

Edit: ITS DONE! (20221014)

I'm excited for Saturday! I'm attending a tattoo convention and I'm hoping to add to my sleeve. Hopefully I can find someone who can freehand something. I want to ask for some bluebells or pansies. I love pansies. My dad used to grow pansies in his garden and I always thought they were the coolest.


This is twice in a row now that something has broken before a final dungeon on my ps2. Three in total.

First time is my ps2 scratched up disc 1 of my copy of ffvii. Ps2 slims are pretty notorious for this, so there are a few tutorials for a diy fix. I have all the security bits and have some experience taking consoles apart. (i dont think im very good at it. Ive borked about as many as ive fixed lol) basically, the ribbon cable attached to the disc reader will lift and scratch the disc. Hasnt happened since i did the fix so it must have worked. Still, I had to ship some dosen or so discs across the country to get resurfaced. Small price to pay. shrug

Second time 'round, disc 4 of ffviii crapped out on me. Luckily the retro gaming store i bought it from traded me out a working copy for free. It wasnt a disc rot issue. Sometimes discs are just faulty and those issues dont show right away.

Now, the X button on my controller stopped working. Looks like a bit of the gold(?) on the printscreened plastic flaked off. This happened on the last save station in ffv. I took a lunch break and found it broken when I picked it back up off the stand. Luckily i have backups. Side effect of repairing consoles for fun is I end up with duplicates if i actually repair something successfully.

I buy almost everything second hand, so im not surprised when any of this happens. Thats just the nature of the beast. Fate just seems to pick bastard timings for these things.


uuuuugh, I really don't like end bosses in ff games.

They're also formulaic.

I beat I think 2 bosses at the end of ffxiii-2 and thought "there are two bosses left" and I was right. I've played enough of these games to predict them now. I got wrecked at the last boss twice and I'm on the fence if I'm going to finish ffxiii-2. I dunno if I like the characters enough to put in the time to grind out the end of the game. I'm gonna sit on this game for a few days and find out!

Dunno what I'm going to play in the mean time. I will probably figure that out later tonight.

Also, I made more .gifs! Check it out~


sigh I get frustrated playing final fantasy games.

Square Enix does this thing where they rerelease games, or totally remaster games and not bother changing anything. This seems to be the case with their PSP remasters. Maybe they'll throw in a beastiary, or add a post-game quest. Otherwise, not a single Quality of Life feature is ever added to these games like. Then why remaster the game? Especially when it's really easy for a player to fall off the plot and forget/not know where to go next. It's something they sort of fixed in ffii, but won't retroactively fix in ffi.

There's a different problem when it comes to the late 90s ff games. This was the era when a lot of games were trying to sell people hard on official guidebooks and deliberately made a lot of the content either extremely obtuse or downright impossible to find without a guide. Luckily, modern internet makes this practice obsolete but.

I prefer trying to play games blind and occasionally look up a walkthrough as needed. It's really upsetting finding out im missing like one third of the content through no fault of my own. Id rather know about extra cutscenes and quests and choose to skip them than find out about them from an external source when im more than halfway through the game. Sure, i *might* stumble across extra content but when walking is such a time sink id rather not waste time not sure if ill find anything. Ffviii is like this, and ffvii was the same way.

Square also has this habit of almost saying something political w themes abt the military industrial complex, sovereignty, and environmentalism, and then suddenly veering into "help! a wizard burned down our village!" plots. This isn't a criticism I genuinely love this shit.

ff games are almost great. But. There's one major thing that spoils what is otherwise a really fun game. I wonder if this trend stays true for other ff games that I haven't gotten to yet. I hope not.

So far, i am most excited to play ffix and ffvi. Im also excited for ffxv but in a bad way. The game opens with "for fans and first-timers" to which my response is "don't trust that".

Ffxii looks the most aesthetically pleasing, but ive heard not great things about it.

As of right now, I'm really enjoying ffviii.


I just did a cursory google search for Crisis Core to check what year it was released and, holy shit, people actually like this game?? I've only played like 4 hours and the gameplay is like, objectively bad. At least, I think so. So far, in-game cutscenes and cinematic cutscenes are the fun bits of the game.

And also, it seems to be getting a remake for Android and iPhone (sure, i guess) but it's going to have loot boxes for some godforsaken reason. I thought we decided loot boxes are bad (and they are) back in like 2012. And aren't loot boxes illegal in Japan?

What more is that it's going to have episodic releases. This is usually means we get the first episode and then the game dev studio goes under, but Square Enix is so fucking massive it's not going to tank anytime soon. So unless the company itself kills the project, we're going to enjoy plenty of installments of Final Fantasy VII: Ever Crisis. Horray... (ノಠ益ಠ)ノ彡┻━┻

Can we all agree that Square Enix, especially in it's present form, is a fucked up, piece of shit excuse of a gaming company? I encourage anyone to watch Jim Sterling's videos on youtube whenever they talk about Square Enix (there are several from just the past year alone). They do an excellent job highlighting the various issues with Square Enix, especially the blatant abuses and disregard the company has for its fans.


I made my own gif!

I'm so proud of my stupid gif. It took me almost all day. Tha banner is also completely new! It looks so janky aaahahaha!

I want to make more gifs, but before that, I should to replace the placeholder images on the reviews page. I'm going to need to find a few resources for those.

This place is really coming together~ I'm so pleased


Thinking about adding a glossary page. I didn't notice how friggin weird video game terms were until I started blogging about it. We kinda take for granted that ~everyone~ just knows what these words that we use to describe video games mean. Also it would be a fun exercise for me.

I wanna make this site even prettier, but that requires learning and also I'm gonna be baaaad at it. (ᗒᗣᗕ)՞

Welp. I'll just have to put in the time learning how to edit and make gifs or whatever. We'll see how it goes.


Modern JRPGs are like the anime of videogames...

Hold on. Wait, wait. I have a sensible rationale for this statement i promise.

Any weeb is familiar with the 3 (or five) episode rule. You gotta give an anime like at least 3 episodes before you can decide it's definitely not for you. At around the 3 episode mark, you're past all the intro stuff and into the regular swing of things.

But like... that's weird, right? ¯\_(σ ‸ σ)_/¯

That's a serious time investment just to "try out" a show, and I think modern JRPGs are similar that way. There can be a three or even a five hour time commitment before you get to the part of the game that makes up the bulk of the experience.

I'm playing through ffxiii right now, and I've been keeping track of how long it takes for the game to give me features that are supposed to be staples of JRPGs overall. The most egregious thing so far is the number of hours it took before the game let me freely edit my party - I'll get more into that when I actually finish and review the game.

Contrast that with any JRPG released in the 90s, and most all of them waste no time getting the player into combat, and tutorials are generally done within 20 minutes of starting the game. Sure, all genres have increased in complexity over time (and therefore tend to have longer intros/tutorials), but i am currently of the opinion that triple A JRPGs are the biggest offenders in this regard.


So my goal this year is to try and play through as much of the FF series as I can, minus FF11 and FF14. But, obviously playing only JRPGs and specifically only FF JRPGs get very stale very fast.

So I started playing Spider-Man: Miles Morales and siiiiigh I don't like it. I'm going to review it obv when I'm done with the game but my big takeaway right now is I am reminded why I prefer older titles and RPGs. This isn't a hard and fast rule either, I love the Tomb Raider 2013 series. This game in particular happens to highlight a bunch of things I don't like that tend to crop up in a lot of modern triple A titles.

I'm going to try my best to finish Miles Morales and I'll re-evaluate how I feel about it then. d( ̄◇ ̄)b

I posted a bunch of my Zleda reviews! Hooray~~ °˖✧◝(⁰▿⁰)◜✧˖°

I wanna figure out how to make dropdown textboxes so these pages don't become absurdly long and easier to navigate.


It's 3 a.m. I'm at work. I've been working on the site on and off between episodes of Sailor Moon. I'm pretty happy with layout and aesthetic for now.

There are sooo many things I wanna post, but I'm just not satisfied with what I've got yet. Really, I just have to put in the time to plan, write, and edit everything. On top of that I've got like 3 essays I wanna write hhhhh pray for meeeee (TдT)

Also, I would rather draw my own assets for like the banner and links and whatnot even tho I don't think I'm very good sjdhcidsl just another thing I need to invest time actually doing (;A;)

Oh, god, of course half the site is broken.

Well, all the new stuff is broken. It all works offline so I don't understand why this is happening. I've hidden all the new content until I figure out how to fix it. (TAT)

Everything works now! It's a server side issue. Some latency between me updating files and the site displaying properly. Takes about an hour. I'll need to remember that for next time.


Welp, I am definitely prettier than your average mayoral candidate website now (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

Now to actually, put up some content. I have a single revew now! Still messing around with how I want to format stuff, so it's going to stay one review for a bit.

oooooor not. Link's broken. Coooool

OH it's case sensitive. There we go.


Okay, okay, okay, okay, It's starting to come together I hope. I am very dissatisfied with the current colour scheme.

Uh, I'm going to keep playing around w this main page and then I'll start throwing up more content after I am reasonably statisfied with how this looks. I have to polish all my reviews and articles anyways. Until then, the personal blogging bit is going to stay on the main page babyyyyy


Uughhhughuguhhguuh so may blogs here have such pretty aesthetics (TдT) and im over here struggling like hee hoo emboldened text

So far, there are zero things about videogames here lmaooo it will happen eventually. I have dozens of flash reviews laying around but I want to have a semi-structured website before I start dumping content onto here.


I basically started this blog on a late night whim but I know almost nothing abt web design and coding uguoououguhou

So this is going to look like donkey doo-doo for a good long while. ;A;

I keep thinking about all the websites of all the mayoral candidates I visited during the most recent election in my city. There's one candidate that was weirdly obsessed with "exposing" the (now retired) mayor as a muslim. His whole website was just a blog about how much he didn't like our mayor. The only actually relevant policy info was one post about bike lanes.

The reason I'm bringing this guy up is because my current goal is to make my blog look better than his. It's a goal that feels very far away... TTATT